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So, What is Article Marketing Robot?

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Article Marketing Robot is a search engine optimization solution designed to help internet marketers and anyone who wants to rank their website in the search engines get better search engine rankings.

The idea behind Article Marketing Robot is to allow webmasters to mass submit their content (articles) to a huge number of directories.

The beauty of this software is that it is almost completely hands free, with the exception of a few required tasks. AMR is a complete article marketing solution.

Article Marketing Robot is like a dream come true for anyone who wants to gain backlinks to their website. Seriously.

The software is extremely powerful, fast and easy to use. All you really need to do is follow a simple 3 step process and you will be submitting your articles (and gaining backlinks) in a heartbeat.

3 Steps you ask? (I knew you would :)

Let’s look at Step 1: Like most things on the web, you need to register and confirm your credetials in order for you to become an active (contributing) member.

This is no different with article directories, and with Article Marketing Robot (AMR), it does this for you.

You might be thinking "well I can just do that myself" and I don’t disagree with you, but if you decide that you want to sign up to, say, thousands of article directories, your fingers might just fall off.

The other part of Step 1 is the email confirmation side. Because, as I mentioned earlier, you need to register and confirm. That means confirming your emails.

Again, AMR does this mundane stuff for you as well. You just need to supply your POP credentials (much like a 3rd party email program such as Outlook or Eudora) and the software will login, download and click confirmation emails and store the automatically generated passwords for you.

Super simple, and it only takes a few details to put into the software and some buttons to click.

Here is a video on how that works:

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Step 2: Article Writing and Spinning.

Article Marketing Robot doesn’t claim to write articles for you. For the most part, you have to do a little research and write the material yourself (if DO want software to write articles for you, check out Instant Article Wizard).

What AMR DOES do is content spinning, and it does this in a way that no other spinning solution has done – yet.

That is – you can spin your articles by using words that have a contextual relevance to the word you are trying to spin.

Ugh. What? Yah lol. Basically, AMR will go out and look up the word you are trying to spin and find the meanings of all the synonyms and sort them by definition.

Essentially, it’s like looking at a real thesaurus, not some random words that are all related to eachother but have completely different meanings.

This is a handy tool, but not required either. I have played around with The Best Spinner, and find it to be a little more robust for writing articles, but you may like the one in Article Marketing Robot just the same.

Step 3: Submit Articles

Now, this is where the fun comes in. Submitting your articles onto the web, being able to find, them and then viewing your backlink to your website.

If you know anything about SEO, then you know that this is helping your website go up in the search engine rankings.

Article Marketing Robot makes this process really really easy. All you need to do is select the author account you created in step 1, and select the article you created in step 2, and then head over to step 3 (these are all in "tab" formats in AMR). There you can select as many sites as you want to submit your article to.. and click SUBMIT! WOW.

Very easy and powerful. If you are submitting to WordPress blogs, and your backlink is to your own WordPress blog, then you will start to receive trackback emails almost instantly. It’s truely very powerful.

You can view the submission process here:

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The Bad Points

  • Article Marketing Robot does require some inherent knowledge of article marketing – EG: If you don’t know what a resource box is for, you may have to do a bit of research.
  • Not all sites in the AMR site list can be submitted to, so if you see a site list of around 2000 sites, then you definately won’t get that many submissions. Expect around 1000 submissions.
  • Many sites require a CAPTCHA service to crack captchas and this can drive the cost of operation up a bit.

The Good Points

  • The flow of process streamlines how article marketing works. Once you do one or two signups to submissions, it becomes very fast and easy to use.
  • Article Marketing Robot supports more directory templates than any other article submission tool on the market.
  • The reporting tools are next to none in AMR. No other article marketing tool has an approved article extraction tool that converts to RSS feeds (for example).

Final Word

Article Marketing Robot is the absolute king in the article marketing world, and is #1 amongst the premium tools for serious business owners that want to maintain a hardcore SEO toolkit.

AMR is very well priced, constantly updated, and has a huge number of incredible features.

Personally, when I want to rank my websites, I use AMR first, then use other tools I also own.

Mark Wachniak

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