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So, What is the Clickbank Wealth Formula?

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Clickbank Wealth Formula is a beginners internet marketing course that is presented in a 10 module format that consists of videos and ebooks.

The cash creation system presented in this package are safe from the "Google Slap" – meaning your cash flow will never be turned off.

In essense, you will be taught how to find a product, set up a traffic system, and collect checks for your favorite affilate program.

Using the Clickbank Wealth Forumla system, you will learn how to start your business in as little as three days. This might seem impossible, even for an experience marketer, but the formula that you follow is very simple to use.

The author (Anik) provides templats and videos that make running your affilate business a walk in the park.

Also, this package provides you with all the tools you need to automate your cashflow. There is a little bit of up-front work, but after that, it becomes quite simple.

Finally, once you have your websites built, you will be taugh how to get traffic to your web pages, and all the traffic is free. There are NO paid traffic sources in the system. All Free.

Let’s Look At The Modules:

Module 1: Getting started – Base ideas, and the 3 day process that you must follow.

Module 2: Mechanics – Learn the Autopilot Sales Machine, and the why’s and how’s of choosing the right domain name.

Module 3: Find your Niche – Stats, Competition, and Product Type. Where do you start? This is all explained here.

Module 4: Website Building – On page website components that will redefine how you look at site building.

Module 5: Automation – Secret software and strategies that you need for traffic automation.

Module 6: Instant Cash – The best system that will make automatic cash for years to come.

Module 7: Wordsmitthing – Learn how to sell an icecube to an eskimo. It’s super easy now.

Module 8: Making Big $$$ – Don’t think its possible? This module teaches you super affilaite secrets.

Module 9: Massive Traffic – This wasn’t going to be included. Learn how to crash your web servers with laser targetted traffic.

Module 10: The Inside Scoop – Upsell, upsell, upsell. Need I say more?



The Bad Points

  • There is a lot of material to go through, which takes quite a few hours, but I recommend that you spend the extra time to go through everything once before actually following each module step by step.
  • The website is extremely over-hyped, and you can never expect to pull as much money as those guys claim to make if you are just starting out. It takes work, but is totally achievable.
  • Some of the material is recycled and has been seen many times in other internet marketing courses, but there is also a lot of new material as well.

The Good Points

  • Extreme value for your money – it’s a one time payment, no recurring fees
  • Well laid out modules, that get you start from ground zero. The formula is very informative.
  • Your business won’t get the "Google Slap" – meaning even if your site isn’t showing up in the search engines, you will still make money

Final Word

The Clickbank Wealth Formula is a great internet marketing course that will help you get started, or teach you things that you never knew before.

It is very easy to get your business running and automated. The purpose of this course is to help you make money. It does that.

I fully recommend the Clickbank Wealth Formula.

Mark Wachniak

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