Roulette Assault Review – Is Roulette Assault A Scam?

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So, What is Roulette Assault?

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Roulette Assault is a downloadable roulette system software that is designed to play roulette for you.

How Roulette Assault does this is beyond me, but what I do know is that it needs to do some sort of screen capturing for you to enter the numbers that the software sees.

When you do this, then the software is able to play roulette for you.

The idea behind Roulette Assault is to use the software and the built in systems so that you can win at roulette.

There are currently five systems build into the software at the time of this writing, although there could be more.

I have had the most success with the Double Dozen’s system and the El Bandido Ruleta.

To elaborate on this, I took the software and signed up to one of the Roulette Assault’s recommended casinos, and deposited $200.

Using the Double Dozen system, I set it to win $20.

I had it do 5 sessions of $20, then quit, then requested my money from the cashier.

I did this same procedure, but with the Bandido system, although I raised the default thresholds because they seemed to risky to me.

Again, I won several sessions of $20, then quit. I was up $200, or basically, I doubled my money.

Anyways, back to the review :)

Roulette Assault has a tonne of features built into it that I found quite complex at first, but there are a bunch of videos on the website that help explain what these things do.

My favorite features are the stop loss and profit goals, and don’t forget about the analyzer. Wow is that cool!


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The Bad Points

  • Roulette Assault is a little tricky to set up, with all the options and bells and whistles.
  • Finding the exact right settings for the casino you like to play at takes time, but with a little effort and help from the analyzer, you can fine-tune any of the built in systems that Roulette Assault has to offer.
  • Sometimes the automation is slow, but I don’t think that is Roulette Assault’s fault. I think it depends on the online casino where you play.

The Good Points

  • Once set up, Roulette Assault will play the game for you eliminating your need to point and click. Plus the speed it plays at is beyond what any human can do.
  • Many, many features that make this a sure-fire winner.
  • 48 hour free trial, so you don’t have to pay anything to test the software. That is what makes the different between this software and all the rest.

Final Word

Roulette Assault has the best roulette systems built into it, it plays the fastest automation, and has the most tools and features.

For the price you pay, you can’t get a better roulette betting software.

I honestly believe that this software is way ahead of the competiton and definately deserves a look.

Mark Wachniak

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